Houdini Slot

Houdini slot is a five reel game that incorporates the use of 25 bet lines, in a similar way to this game. This means that you have multiple different ways that you can make a winning combination and more chances of winning. The game allows you to win on multiple different bet lines at the same time however you can only win once per bet line. The game itself is set in a fantasy fairy-tale with cute graphics somewhat similar to those in popular Japanese comics and cartoons. It’s very easy to play and feel comfortable as you’re waiting for your reels to stop their spin!

How to Play:

You’re able to change your wagers for your spins. Every coin that you play opens up a new bet line up to the maximum of 25 lines, the player can choose any number to activate but the more that are available means the more ways of winning that are available. You can set a minimum of 0.01 all the way through to 0.50 per bet line. Per line you can place a maximum of four coins, giving you entire control on how much you spend per spin. As well as this, there is a progressive jackpot for players to win. The second highest pay-out that can be won from the reels is 7,500 coins per bet line. The value of these coins depends on how much that you’ve bet on other spins.

Skill Stop Feature

Control when the reels stop with the skill stop feature that’s enabled in the game. This can be a helpful feature for players that want to have more control over their game and who are looking to try and make sure that they score certain symbols so that they can activate the bonus rounds or ensure that they get the winning combination that they’re after in order to score a high pay-out. To stop the reels, players just need to press the spin button a second time while the reels are in motion and the computer will automatically bring the reels to a stop.

Progressive Jackpot

In Super Lucky Frog, there is a progressive jackpot up for grabs for any player. This is accumulated through all bets that players place. A percentage of these bets are placed in the jackpot and players have the chance to win this during a bonus round.

Free Spin Bonus

Three scatter symbols or more will activate the free spin bonus round, giving you a number of spins without it costing you anything, letting you make your winnings up and gain additional credits to play with. You can win up to thirty free spins in a row depending on how many scatter symbols you win. The value for all of your winnings here depends on the value of the wager on the activating spin. All controls during this round are deactivated and no changes can be made.

Any wins during this round are subjected to a multiplier of x3, meaning that all your winnings and your winning combinations are worth more than they would be in the normal game. You can continue to collect free spins during this bonus round, meaning that you can potentially achieve an unlimited number of spins for free. Once you’ve used up all of your spins, however, you’ll be returned back to the main game where you can continue to play.

While you are in this round, you can still activate the additional bonus round to be in with a shot of achieving the jackpot, but no multiplier will be applied to this winning.

Jackpot Game

In order to activate the jackpot game, you must get three scatter symbols or more in a left to right order on consecutive reels. The symbols feature an animation of a frog catching a fly to alert you to the game change. If you manage to land these then you will be taken out of the main game and taken to a wheel. You receive one spin per activated bonus round and all controls are inactive, including the skill stop feature. Here you will have the chance to either win more credits or one of the jackpots within the game – you can see their worth across the top of the screen.

The Symbols

Wild Symbol

The Elf symbol in Super Lucky Frog is the wild symbol. This means that this symbol can replace other symbols on the reels in order to make a winning combination up. It can work across multiple pay lines in order to get you more winnings. You can only score one pay-out per line, however, and the highest value will be the one that is valued. It does not count to activate the bonus rounds.

Scatter Symbol

In Super Lucky, there are two scatter symbols available. Both of these symbols can appear anywhere on the reels and does not need to be on an activated pay line in order to count as a win.

Fairy symbol

The fairy symbol in Super Lucky needs to appear two more times in order to count and the winnings are worked out based on the pre-defined bet line value. The worth of the coins that you achieve from this are dependent on the value of your initial spin.

Frog symbol

The frog symbol is the second scatter symbol that you can achieve. It needs to appear three or more across the reels in a left to right order before it counts. Once you have this, you’re taken to the Jackpot Game, giving you maximum chances in order to win big. To amp up the excitement, players can see what the jackpot is worth by looking at the counter at the top of the screen and watch as it is constantly added to.

To Win

The minimum number of symbols that you have to match in order for it to count as a win is two. The more symbols that you manage to match will result in a higher pay-out. All winnings are calculated automatically depending on what your initial wager was worth and can only be achieved from active pay lines. You can win once per pay line, but there is the potential to win on more than one pay line per spin.

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